Buying a house is probably the biggest purchase most individuals will make during their entire life and such a major decision requires an added sense of planning, vigilance and care. Some homeowners who spent no more than 15 minutes when viewing their current homes for the first time, now live in frustration and regret. As an intelligent buyer, you must pay attention to some important aspect so that you make the right decision the first time itself. Mentioned below are 4 such important things you must lookout for in house for viewing.

The roof condition

If the roof is in bad shape, then it’s definitely a house you must avoid because restoring a roof is pretty expensive. Ask the realtor about the age of the house and when last a roof replacement was done. It is difficult to properly examine the roof like the other parts of the house, therefore don’t hesitate to request the sellers for any documentation that will prove the last time roof was dealt with, just so you know you are not getting swindled.

If it’s damp, it’s bad!

If any part of the walls, ceiling, roof or the floor is damp it means that there is a serious leakage in the plumbing system or something else. As soon as you walk into the house, walk around and check if there are any stains, watermarks or flaky plaster in the ceiling, the walls and the floor. Don’t forget to ask the sellers if there are any as well. If the house has been recently painted and still you sense a moldy smell inside the house, be extra cautious because they might be trying to cover up the damp signs.

Storage space

Many home buyers spend too much time checking out bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms, they often forget to even ask about the availability of sufficient storage space in the property. Although the prospect of four bedrooms will excite you to no end, be sure to ask them to show you to the storage area where you can check if there is enough space for cupboards, shelves and the man more stuff that you will have to keep there. Be extra mindful when viewing newly built houses because most of these do not have sufficient storage space inside.

Power points and their condition

Electricity is another very important factor to be considered when viewing a house. Firstly, check if all the wires and other electrical components are in good condition and well-fixed without dangerous exposure. If you are planning on moving in with small children or pets, any issues in this department will have deadly consequences. Once you’ve made sure everything is safe, check if there are enough power points to facilitate all your electricity requirements. It is better to always know the minimum number of power points you need so that you can easily evaluate the suitability of a house during viewing.