Your bedroom is your own little sanctuary that you want to relax in after a tiring day of work. However, currently all your used clothes are on the floor, your cupboard is a mess, the pizza box from last week is still under the bed and your bed is undone. You surely will not find peace when you walk into such a mess. Keeping your bedroom organized is not as hard as you think. With some simple cleaning and maintenance, you can easily keep it neat and tidy. So here are some steps to follow.

  1. Pick up what’s on the floor

When the chair at your study table fills up, the easiest place to dump all your stuff is the floor, be it used clothes, books, backpacks etc. To make things easy, pick everything up and put them on the bed. Next, sort everything out and put them where they belong. Your room will look much cleaner and bigger when the empty floor space is visible. Next, sweep, vacuum and mop to keep it away from dirt and dust.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary things

Once you’ve sorted out the stuff, have a separate box for stuff that you don’t need. It is easy to not be able to let go but you really have to. Put all things that have no sentimental value to you in a box. You can throw some of them, donate some to charity or put a garage sale. The extra cash will surely be a help.

  1. Remove unnecessary furniture

If you have a small room, having too much furniture will make it harder to walk around and also make the room feel congested. So, look around and check if there are any tables, chairs or cabinets that you don’t use and are taking too much space. You can use advice of    Feng Shui master Singapore     to find how much furniture is needed in a room and how to place them.

  1. Have separate storage spaces

Each item should have a designated place and you need to make sure you put whatever back once you use them. You can divide your cupboard into sections for each type of clothe. Hang up the frocks and shirts while folding the pants and skirt into separate piles. You can colour code your clothes if you like. Buy shoe racks, hooks and hangers so that your shoes, scarfs, bags etc. are kept neatly too. for your drawers and cabinets, use dividers so that you can sort out the underwear, ties, socks and handkerchiefs.