With technology, putting your house out there in the market is no big deal. You just have to take some good photos and upload them in various property sites and the buyers will be able to contact you directly or through the site. Though uploading pictures is not so hard, the entire process as a whole is daunting. So here are some simple steps to follow to sell your house as quickly as possible at the right rice to the right person.

  1. Bring it to saleable condition

You cannot sell a house with clogged drains and broken locks. You need to look into every little detail and repair everything. Check locks on all external doors and windows, clear out clogged drains, fix any broken faucets, install new light bulbs and mend leaking pipes. Then, clean the entire house; mop the bathroom floors, vacuum the carpets, clean the doors and windows etc. The garden needs to be kept in the best way possible since it will be seen first by every buyer. Do not forget to wash the driveway and pathways. Give your house a good coat of condo painting to make the house look fresh.

  1. Establish price

You need to bring down a professional valuer for this task for better results. He will compare the current market prices of similar properties in the area, take into consideration all other costs such as recent repairs, legal fees, tax charges, commission and your profit margin and set a price. You can ask professionals of ways to increase the value of your house. For example, adding modern furniture and fixtures, add some signature decorative pieces such as crystal vases and paintings, install modern technology anywhere possible such as the bathroom, security system, home-theatre system etc.

  1. Advertise and negotiate

You need to market your house in the correct places to attract appropriate buyers. Online sites, newspapers, magazines are a few ways. Be available to answer their calls and give necessary information. Once they arrive, make the house look welcoming. You can prepare some cookies for the guests so that the aroma lingers in the house. After all, what matters is the final impression they leave the house with. Be flexible and open to negotiation. If you don’t wish to, clearly inform the buyers politely.

  1. Close the deal

These can be taken care of by your legal officers. The property regulations in each area maybe different and hence they know the best. Make sure you clarify any doubts since once the papers have been signed, there is no turning back.