Pop-up shops are one of the best ways to gain popularity instantly. You get to enhance your customer base within a very short period time. Selling or promoting your product where people gather with the intention of shopping is the best form to boost up your business. But there are certain things that you need to do to have a successful pop up store. Here’s what you got to do.


Be creative


First things first, if you get to organize your small tent or area in a very creative manner, every person who passes will automatically stop to take a look at what you are selling. Let your imagination do the work. Have some roll up banners. Not only are they eye-catching but you can use them at your next event or your store. But make sure you make them as creative as possible. Also, get the layout of the pop-up store done in a very creative and an organized manner as well.

Be friendly


Everybody loves a friendly staff. The staff can convince the customers or make them run. Always welcome them with a bright smile and a cheerful greeting. People just love it when others are quite cheery. Compliment them when needed. Also do not hesitate to share information or so. Make sure the staff is well aware of the products and everything. That way they will be able to answer the customers’ questions easily. Have a small trial run before you open the store.




Do not hesitate to promote your business whenever possible. Always have a thick business card to give to your customer. Also, have some handouts or leaflets of your products. This should carry all the necessary information, the story and everything that shows it is a must-have product. Such a promotion will spread out the message far and beyond.




Having some offers during the pop up store is another great way to entice the customers. They just love discounts, offers, codes, deals, buy-one-get-one-free and all. They will be tempted to purchase your product when they are informed or known that they will have another benefit of having it.



Making your little tent or area look unique is quite important. If it resembles or is similar to any other stores, it won’t stand out and customers won’t find it special enough. You can make the store stand out by providing samples, having a mascot or color coordinating.


The use of these tips and ideas will surely convince the people who pass by to purchase your product. Double your customers from your next pop-up.