Everyone ages: although there is an unnecessary humiliation around ageing there is no solution to stop that. However there are many ways you can still keep your looks and a healthy body. Just because you are pushing forty you should not start worrying about becoming old. What you must do is to learn new things to do, get used to new habits and keep your health and wealth up because if you are fit enough there won’t be any spending at the doctor.


Body changes


When you hit the fourth decade in life, you will also feel things starting to change. We become old because the cells which make-up our bodies, age. Due to this, you will experience sight issues; you might not be able to see as you used to, especially small print. You will also see white hairs appearing; not only on the head! You will feel more exhausted than before and it will be difficult to remember things. Known as mind fog this is quite a normal thing. There will also be signs of ageing such as losing the drive to do things, experiencing a desire for constant urination or a leaky bladder and less desire for sex. It has also been found out that, especially with menopause, women are more accustomed to have heart diseases.




A fact to take the worries away is that there is a solution to everything. Ageing of the cells is a mandatory process; however by our actions and inputs- food, drinks, exercise- the process can be quickened or delayed. So it is your own duty to take in good food and drink a lot of water, also to engage in ample exercises. But after 40 very heavy working outis not suitable. According to your job, how much you exert yourself throughout the day and your diet, the advisor at the gymnasium can prescribe a course of exercises for you. Apart from these, cosmetic and semi-medical procedures exist for looking younger; if you are in Asia, there are trustworthy places to have your unnecessary fat removed, get an eye bag removal Singapore or even have a safer botox treatment.

General environment


Similar to age 16 or 18 when there were changes in your life, 40 is also an important milestone. If you are married and have kids it will be their growing up phase. They can be a handful. You might be taking care of your parents. When they were forty you can imagine how the things were. You might also be considering a career change or becoming a working-from-home person. Perhaps you are ready to leave the job, too. So there will be a lot of things to think about. For women menopause is a must around this age. You must take care to not to jumble everything up; take one at a time and if you tend to forget things, write them down. It will help if you are more in touch with technology too.

All of us will hit forty; it is nothing to be scared of. But it is your actions and reactions which will decide whether you are truly old or not.