You change your curtains every two weeks. You water your plants every day. You clean your house daily. How often should you repaint your house?

The idea of repainting your greatly depends on several factors in order for you to determine whether your house needs a repaint or not. But of course, if you have the money and you want to change how your house looks every now and then, the choice is yours.

The following are the things that you should consider to determine how often you should paint your house.

The Material Used in Your House

The material that is used in your house will help you figure out and calculate whether your house needs a repaint or not. Different materials require different painting schedule. If your house is made up of wood, repaint should be done every three to seven years. If your house is made up of aluminium, it is advised that you repaint every 5 years. In case that your house is made out of cement, you should repaint after 15 years. If your house is made of bricks, it should be done every 17 to 20 years.

The Location of Your House

Deciding whether your house needs a repaint or not is also determined by where your house is located. Weather is contributory to how long will the paint last. Like for example, houses near the beach require repainting more often as the salty air, sun and sand deteriorate the paint faster. It is important to check if the paint in your house has damages in order for you to figure out if a repaint is required.

Paint Quality

A house painted with paints of high quality which is applied by a professional painter will last longer than a house painted with low-quality paint. If you are planning to hire a professional like painters Brisbane it is very important that you check the quality of the paints they are using. Doing it by yourself especially when you are not really into painting will cost you more in the long run as you have to repaint sooner. This goes with using a low-quality paint too.

How You Prepare

How you prepare is of equal importance as the quality of your paint and the ability of the person who will do the job. A well-prepared house will absorb the paint better and will make it last longer. Preparations include cleaning the walls and removing any particle in as much sanding the walls to make it softer and fixing the cracks so that the outcome will not look cracked too. Preparation plays an important role in what your house will look like once the painting job is done.


You can make the paint of your house last longer when you do your best to maintain it. It is important that you inspect your house for any damage so that you can fix it as soon as you can to avoid it from getting worse. Furthermore, you should clean it too if you can and avoid having marks and stain in it.

Painting is not expensive at all but it will drastically change how your house looks. When will you repaint it depends on you and your budget, but if you are on a tight budget, following the above mentioned things will help you determine how often should you paint your house.