Whether it’s an elderly parent, a relative or even a family friend, here are a few great tips to help you prepare your guest room to accommodate them for a long period, and keep them comfortable.

Make Sure the Bed and Pillows Are Comfortable

This is an obvious one, and a tip we are sure you’ve already seen to. However, you need to make sure you keep your elderly guest in mind this time around. Make sure the height of the bed is not too steep, making it harder on your elderly charge to get in bed on their own. The height of the bed may also be affected by the height of the mattress. It also pays to remember to check out the height of the pillows when purchasing too high or too soft a pillow might be uncomfortable on their neck.

Have a Care So That the Floor Mats Are Slip-Free

The elderly have slower reflexes, so it might be harder for them to catch themselves if they slip. While it’s true that not all the elderly have a hard time walking, it’s still a good idea to try to soften their fall and to try to avoid the fall itself. This is especially important for the bathrooms. Install slip free mats on the bathroom floors, especially in and around the tub.

Install a Heater for the Shower

Most of our elderly relative grew up showering in cold water. However, regardless of what they are used to, it goes without saying that as people age, there are some luxuries that we need to adopt. Hot water showers are one such luxury. Thanks to today’s technology, installing and using an instant bathroom heater is not complicated at all. To make sure it doesn’t add to your utility bill, have a care to select a model that is energy saving.

Bring In As Much Natural Light As You Can

If the reason for your elderly relative moving into your home is due to an illness or injury, then it goes without saying that they will be spending a lot of time on the bed. Most people on the mend from an injury instantly feel better when they are able to bask in sunlight, even when they are stuck in bed. If their illness or injuries permit, and if the weather permits, throw open the windows and let the fresh air flow in. This will also make your guest room a much more welcoming space.

Install Hand Railing For the Bedroom and the Shower Stall

Is the elderly relative you are preparing to house someone who is used to doing things by themselves? In this case, they might not be very happy about how much of their freedom and independence they will have to give up, once they come to live with you. Try your best to avoid crowding them. Remember that though they are frail, they are still adults, so allow them their privacy whenever possible. Installing handrails close to the bed, in the shower stall and close to the toilet aid you with allowing them their freedom.