There is almost an endless number of choices of flooring material and where there is so much choice there tends to be a lot of confusion. So, if you want to know what materials are available these days and what might be most suitable for your home then do not worry because here is a list of various floor materials that could be great choices for you:

Ceramic Tile

This is definitely one of the most popular kinds of flooring. It has been used for years and will definitely be used for years to come. It is waterproof, glazed and easy to maintain. Not to mention it has an unending variety of colours, sizes and textures so it really allows you to be creative in your choices.


Those who can afford stone floors know that it brings a sense of natural beauty and style that is difficult to replicate with any other kind of floor material. It gives the space a look of rustic elegance whilst also being extremely durable.


Marble is a natural stone that is both durable and versatile. It creates a look of decadently luxurious living and sophistication. Although it is costly to purchase and have it installed, it is still the choice of floor for most of the wealthier upper-class individuals due to the look of timeless elegance that is gained by it. Marble too comes in an array of colours and patterns.


For the artist in you, mosaic floors are a great option. They create a look of drama and colourful stylishness. Making your home look just that much better. You can choose to get any picture or pattern you like, which will make your home feel like a much more unique and personalized space.


Wood floors might have been around for centuries but it certainly is not out-of-date. Harwood floors are still an absolute favourite among people due to its classy chic look and long-lasting qualities. Not to mention that it adds value to the home. Plus there is also so much choice with wood, from floating timber flooring Melbourne to hickory, oak or cherry floors.


If you are low on budget and need to quickly lay down a floor (for whatever reason) then PVC is the way to go. PVC means Polyvinyl Chloride it is shiny, very smooth but also very thin. PVC tiles can be made to look like hardwood thereby giving the space a luxurious look despite having spent a minimal amount on it.


Brick is an old but hard-core type of floor material. It is most often used for outdoor areas like courtyards, patios, terraces and garden sheds. The bricks can be arranged in various patterns of your choice to create a more sophisticated look.

Now you know that there is probably a lot more floor material than you initially realized. And this is not even all of them! There is still a lot more from concrete to bamboo and from glass to cork and everything in between. So do proper research and decide what is best for your space.