Turning on the air conditioning in the summer prevents everyone in the house from going crazy from the heat. However, the resulting energy bill may still drive you crazy in other ways. Here are several workable ideas for staying cool in the warmer months without air conditioning at home:

Keep the Unwanted Heat out with Shades

Did you know the interior of your home can easily get hotter because of the sunlight that pours in through the windows? You can prevent a significant amount of daytime heat in rooms by closing the curtains, blinds, or shades of any kind. If the room windows are open in the summer months, buy curtains or blinds to keep the heat out. It won’t completely keep rooms cool, but will prevent excess heat during lunchtime.

Install Ceiling Fans

There’s a much cheaper option to installing an expensive air conditioning unit in your home: fans. A bedroom fan can keep you cool at night just as effectively as an HVAC system, albeit in a much less expensive way. There are variations of fans you can invest in, such as table top and portable ones that are much more affordable even compared to regular fans. You can power these with either the electric grid or a solar power system. This is the best option for households on strict budgets.

Fill Rooms with Mist

This method would feel much better than air conditioning and will keep your skin moist. To cool a room in the heat of the summer, place a bowl of ice in front of a fan or a blower of some sort. The blowing air would create an icy mist that would chill the room in a matter of minutes. You will feel much better without spending a lot more money on an air conditioning unit to do something similar.

Keep Your Bed Chilled with Cold Water

In the past, people placed hot water bottles near or under the beds in winter to keep warm. You can try a similar trick for the summer, but this time with cold water. Place a water bottle in the freezer and let it become ice. At night, place the bottle near where you sleep to dampen and chill the sheets. You can fall asleep feeling the coolness and not worry about the heat.

Avoid Thick Fabrics in Rooms

Keep cooler during the hot months by removing thick fabrics such as flannel, wool, and fleece from beds and sofas. Invest in natural, cooling fabrics like cotton for the season. You will feel much cooler without the extra insulation the winter-friendly fabrics provide.  It would be much more comfortable to sit on sofas and sleep at night with cotton all around you.

Open Windows in the Early Mornings and Evenings

In the summer, keep windows open in the early mornings and evenings when the temperature outside is cooler. The cool air will come inside the house and get rid of the hot air that may have accumulated in the night or the daytime. Then close the windows before it gets too hot again. The cool air will now remain inside.

Try one or two of the above tricks to stay cool in the summer months. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated during the warm season.