First impression matters in all places when two individuals meet. It does not matter who has the higher hand or who is trying to impress the other but it is integral to make sure first impressions is done in perfection. You might be wondering that if this is extended from personal relationships and interactions to business. You are absolutely right. It does not matter what kind of human interaction, first impressions play a vital deciding role.

It is true that first impressions can be changed but that would require a lot of hard work. For example, if you are the proverbial bad boy of your school and you want to date the good girl. It does not mean that you just need to change yourself; you also need to prove to her you are a reformed individual.

All about first impressions

If you are running a business, then more than word of mouth, first impressions matters and you will only get one chance to execute it perfectly which means you need to make it count and have an impact. Moreover, people tend to make snap judgments and they are pretty snarky in their heads than we give credit for and first impressions are also formed in their head by the side of snarky judgments. For example, if you are interior designers and interior design office Singapore you have to entertain clients look bare. This is probably not a good first impression. Even if you are not highly into floating or false ceilings, you can always add something else to make the space look professional at the same time entertaining. You can hang your awards and showcase your trophies. You can month your first project as a company and show your client you have sentimental values.

How does it help?

If you are wondering if the above mentioned first impressions matters, then stop thinking. Research shows that people tend to move with others based on their first impression of the other person and it usually only takes less than three seconds for an individual to form a first impression about someone. This will not change until the individual gets tangible evidence to prove them otherwise.

Moreover, in addition to the decor, you and the way you present yourself are important. After all, the person will not be making deals with your decor. You should be able to show a charming and charismatic personality which is pleasing at the same time make sure to show the other people your limits and stay strong on your ground. After all, respect is earned unlike first impressions.