It is not an easy task to paint a wall; it requires methods to be used to achieve the perfect paint job. Let’s see what methods to use to get a perfect paint job.


Don’t forget the drop clothes


You don’t want to be rubbing paint off your tiles or carpets as it will be a very hard task. Rubbing paint of the materials will take up to days and sometimes it doesn’t even get out of the carpets. Hence using drop clothes or even plastic sheets to capture every paint spill will save a lot of time for you just like how they do in Perth.  You will not have to worry about the spills or splatters as it will not reach your carpets or tiles if you use drop clothes. To cover up all areas you must use maximum coverage up to unto the walls on both sides. You can even use newspapers or bed sheets but as they are very thin and easily absorbing comparing to plastic sheets, you can use more layers of them if you don’t have any plastic sheets. If you don’t have a lot of drop clothes to cover up the whole area, you can use them only to the area you are working on and drag them along when you are changing spots.

Don’t forget to clean the surface of the wall properly


You must be wondering how can you clean the surface of the wall in a proper way, don’t worry it doesn’t seem to be hard as it sounds. All you have to do is grab a wet sponge or a piece of cloth with some warm water and some detergent, and using these you can wipe out the moisture that is excessive. To clear off the dust or any other debris that starting from the top of the wall to its bottom which might ruin the painter’s job if it is not much clear to you, you can use a light torch for the assistance. You can use a teeny bit of diluted TSP to remove the stubborn grime or dirt on the walls.


Don’t forget to use the painters tape to cover up adjacent surfaces


The magic of painters tape can be used safe guard the trim of the walls and doorways. It will be even useful when it is used to cover up accents that are hard to remove. Such as switches. It is important that you properly Line the edges of tapes exactly the way it is. If not the whole project will be a bad paint job. Any improvement store has painters tape so you don’t have to search everywhere.  It is important that you buy the proper tape size as it will be an unsuccessful project if something goes wrong with the tapes.

It is important that you don’t forget the drop clothes, clean the surface or use the magical painters tape to achieve a great and perfect painters job. These steps are vital to get a mesmerising job for your walls.